DevOps Engineer

We're looking for a DevOps engineer to join our team in Banja Luka. This is an exciting opportunity to learn and progress by working with international clients on large-scale projects.


In 10 years of developing software for customers across the USA, EU and Australia we learned that only a team of satisfied and dedicated people can develop software of the highest standard. Because of that, we support our employees in striving to be the best in their field.

About you

We’re looking for people who desire to perfect and progress in their line of work. If you are passionate about technology and like to solve problems, we could be a perfect fit.

The list of required skills matches senior positions but junior and medior candidates are more than welcome to apply.

Required skills (work experience)
  • Linux administration and toolset
    • Log management
  • Experience with build servers
  • Web architecture
    • Client-Server
    • Authentication models (tokens, cookies)
    • SSO
    • Git + git flow
  • Basic networking skills
    • ssh
    • key management
    • firewalld, iptables
  • VPN management
  • Web server administration
    • Nginx
    • HTTPS certificates, Let’s Encrypt
    • URL rewriting
    • proxies
    • DNS management
    • SMTP
  • Containers (Docker)
  • Formats (Markdown, YAML)
  • Database (basic database administration, automated backups)
  • Security best practices (DMZ, Firewall)
  • Application runtimes (.NET, Java, Node.js)
Nice to have:
  • Windows administration and toolset
    • IIS
  • Cloud experience (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure)
  • Centralized log management
    • ELK
    • Kibana visualization
    • Seq
    • Grafana
  • Build server experience
    • TeamCity
    • Jenkins
    • GitHub Actions
    • Travis, Circle CI
  • Cloud hosting
    • Netlify
    • Vercel (now)
    • Azure
    • Google Cloud
  • Containers
    • Kubernetes
    • Terraform
    • Serverless (Lambda, microservices)
  • Script languages (Bash, Python, Powershell)
  • DBMS + SQL
    • Postgres
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • MySQL
  • Advanced web server administration (Load balancing, High availability)
Starting net salary range:
1000 - 2000 KM
2000 - 3000 KM
3000 - 4000 KM

Send your CV to