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About Us


Hi and welcome to Codaxy!

We are a small software development company located in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, trying to prove that great software can be built with limited resources, but with the right approach and the right people. To achieve our goal, we're doing our best to offer creative working environment for people passionate about technology, and we strongly encourage innovation and new ideas.

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We're striving to offer the best quality service and deliver results on time.

We strongly believe in Open Source and the most of our work is available under the GPL license. It's always nice to see that other people benefit from our work in the same way that we benefit from the work of others.

Codaxy has been a Microsoft BizSpark partner ever since its foundation.



Cx - Practical Web Framework

Cx is a modern, multi-paradigm web framework inspired by React, Redux, Ext JS, Angular, D3 and other notable open-source libraries.

Cx is particularly convenient for building admin and dashboard applications as it includes a complete set of widgets with form elements, grids, navigation, charts, etc. There is support for inner (form) layouts and outer (app) layouts. The router is built-in, if you’re building a single page application. Cx offers very powerful data-binding mechanisms, culture dependent formatting, view controllers and much more. The most important thing is that developing new widgets or modding existing widgets is easy, so each application developed using Cx can have a unique look and feel.

If you're looking for a comprehensive modern web framework, check it out!

Ext JS 4 Themes

Enrich your Ext JS 4 applications with one of our carefully designed themes.

If you like Metro look and feel, you will love Azzurra—our visually appealing theme inspired by Windows 8 operating system. By avoiding all processor intensive CSS styles (such as opacity, rounded corners and gradients), Azzurra offers maximum performance, while retaining professional and aestethically pleasing appearance.

If you're more into dark-colored themes, Carbon is the one for you. Featuring hand-crafted graphic elements and carefully defined mild-contrast color scheme it redesigns your application UI in a completely new, professional fashion that pleases the eye.

Check out Azzurra, Carbon and our other themes on Codaxy Store


Dextop is an application framework for building data-centric web applications based on Microsoft .NET and Sencha Ext JS.

Dextop is suitable for back-office applications, administration, CMS, CRM systems, accounting and other software that is traditionally realized in form of desktop applications. By separating concerns and connecting client side to the server side in a clean and controlled manner, it helps building reliable, scalable and efficient applications.

Dextop is available under a commercial or GPL v3 license. Dextop source code repository is hosted on GitHub , and the library is available as a NuGet package. Developers can learn more about Dextop by examining the Dextop Showcase application or by visiting the Pecunia demo.

For information about Dextop commercial licenses, please email us at


Dox is a great documentation tool for your C# and MS SQL Server projects. It offers web-based documentation viewer inspired by Sencha Docs and a command line tool for generating Dox books from C# assemblies and MS SQL Server databases.

Dox books are easy to create and even easier to read and search through. A small command-line tool will help you create them from your XML comments or database schemas, and a simple copy to a dedicated Dox viewer folder will make books available immediately.

Dox is available under GPL v3 licence. Dox source code repository is hosted on GitHub.


Xlio is a small .NET library used for working with Excel files. It is very fast and simple to use. It doesn't require Excel to be installed, which makes it perfect for applications that run on the server.

Xlio is available under commercial or GPL v3 licence. Xlio source code can be found on GitHub, and the library is available as a NuGet package.

For information about Xlio commercial licenses, please email us at


CodeReports is a very small, yet very powerful reporting library.

Reports can be very quickly defined using C# classes with attributes. They are looking very nice and can be exported to an Excel file, text file or PDF document.

CodeReports library is available under commercial or GPL v3 license. Dextop source code repository is hosted on GitHub, and the library is available as a NuGet package.

For information about CodeReports commercial licenses, please email us at


.NET Development

Our previous work using .NET technologies includes creating web sites, web applications, content management systems, accounting software, Excel libraries, trading engines, communication gateways etc.

We're constantly looking for new ways to improve our skills and quality of our work. This means tracking changes in the .NET world, taking good ideas and creating our own tools and best practices.

Web Development

We are very skillful in RIA development, with advanced use of JavaScript (in particular, Ext JS) and ASP.NET.

Using our own framework, especially well-suited for building data-centric desktop-like web applications, we are able to deliver nice-looking, user-friendly, reliable, efficient and maintainable products in a matter of days.


Soon after we discovered Ext JS framework, we started to model majority of our applications around it.

As we gained experience, our programming practices in Ext JS were getting better and our code was getting cleaner, eventually evolving into Dextop, our open source library for boosting RIA development based on .NET/Ext JS.

We also have experience working with Sencha Touch library for mobile web application development, including PhoneGap integration.

oDesk Services

If you like what we do, you can hire us via oDesk. We always try our best to deliver maximum quality solutions on time; careful project planning is of great importance here, and you can include us in that phase, too.

Great relations that we now have with our clients assure us that we are doing a good job.



We're hiring

Would you like to work with us? Send us an email!

At the moment we have two open spots, for the following positions:

Web developer

Skills we need:

  • .NET (C#)
  • JavaScript
  • HTML and CSS

Web designer

Skills we need:

  • HTML, CSS and SASS

We're looking forward to hear from you!

Codaxy Team


  • Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • +387 51 922 710