Forging Genuine Partnerships

When trying to explain what sets you apart from anyone else in the industry, the first impulse is to list skills, size, completed projects, and other achievements in an attempt to provide proof of expertise. While that is, of course, an important part, it rarely provides the whole picture.

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Explaining what makes Codaxy different from other software development companies out there by just showing off our badges doesn’t tell the whole story, as what truly sets us apart goes beyond our technical skills and expertise.

Our defining factor is a deep commitment to fostering genuine, lasting relationships with both our clients and team members. Our entire philosophy is centered on strengthening these connections. It takes time to form a winning team and build an outstanding product. This is a gradual process that demands time and patience.

The real progress begins around six months into the project, when the team has comprehensively understood the problem, established an efficient way of working, and laid down major technical infrastructure elements. This is the time when new product features are shipped weekly if not daily, leading to clients who are not just content but truly satisfied.

Reaching this state feels great for everyone involved, but substantial knowledge and effort are required to actually get there.

Let’s first get to know each other

Partnerships, like any other relationship, are built on a foundation of trust and mutual understanding. That is not given in the early stages, where neither side is familiar with the other.

Understandably, clients are hesitant to put not only their trust but also extensive resources, into a venture that they are not familiar with. That’s why we like to kick off our collaborations with a proof of concept (PoC) phase. Setting a limited time frame, budget, and scope, helps alleviate some of the pressure and provides a safe space to get to know each other, understand how our communication works, and explore what each party can bring to the table.

This approach has proven successful time and again, as evidenced by our work with VodafoneZiggo for example, where 5 out of 7 PoCs evolved into projects which are extensive and have been ongoing for years.

At times, the POC phase reveals that the project may not be sustainable or that we and the clients may not be the right fit for each other. Recognizing these issues early on, without delving too deeply into the project, is crucial for both parties involved.

While the PoC phase is commonly the first step in our partnerships, it’s not the only approach. We are more than capable of launching large-scale projects right from the outset.

And yes, here we’ll tell you about our expertise because one of the key values we bring to the table is our extensive experience and knowledge accrued from developing complex applications and the internal libraries we developed along the way.

Let’s talk about expertise

We have been up and running for over 13 years, so experience is a given. What is, however, noteworthy is the type of projects we have worked on — or rather their complexity.

We have successfully tackled a diverse portfolio of products, including:

  • automated provisioning and orchestration of telco services
  • telco e-commerce platforms
  • engineering and end-customer portals
  • legal budget and expense tracking systems
  • real-time stock market trading platforms
  • brokerage CRMs
  • financial accounting systems
  • satellite communications and GPS solutions
  • Bitcoin-related projects

and more

This hands-on experience with intricate use cases is not only quite rare in the industry, but also a major factor that helps us build stronger relationships with new clients. How? Well, it allows us to provide our clients with a degree of security and risk reduction from the get-go, which — you will agree — is a great starting point for any relationship. Our software architects can construct robust foundations, foresee potential roadblocks, and steer partners toward the most suitable path during the beginning stages of a project.

We take pride in our flexibility during these early stages of a project. With our smaller team size and direct communication lines, we can quickly progress, unlike larger corporations where planning can sometimes feel endless.

Creating our competitive advantages

Being able to quickly assemble projects is a significant priority for us and one of the reasons why we developed our very own JavaScript UI framework — CxJS.

This powerful framework boasts an extensive collection of commonly used components, allowing us to reduce development time and expedite product launches drastically.

CxJS excels in handling large, complex UIs that feature numerous tables, forms, and charts — a perfect fit for financial and administrative applications where data visualization and user interaction are paramount. The framework allows visual customization, enabling unique and vibrant appearances that conform to the client’s particular visual and branding requirements.

In line with our spirit of openness and collaboration, we are proud to highlight that CxJS is an open-source platform.

Collaboration with Clients

There are plenty of ways in which we ensure our partnerships start on the right foot — but how do we maintain them? For starters, we believe in regular and meaningful interactions, preferably on a daily or weekly basis.

Whenever possible, we encourage in-person meetings, either by hosting clients at our office or organizing visits to their locations. These face-to-face interactions have proven invaluable, as they allow both teams to better understand each other and the project at hand and serve as a solid foundation for building long-lasting relationships.

Preference for Scrum

Although our team is experienced in a variety of project management methodologies, and we are open to any approach, we do have a preference for Scrum.

In our approach, the client acts as the product owner, while the scrum master and the rest of the team come from Codaxy. This ensures clear ownership and allows us to keep communication open throughout the development process, but also ties back to our last point about regular and meaningful interactions. By actively involving our customers in the planning and preparation of each sprint, we can consistently meet their expectations, leading to long-term satisfaction.

The other technical side of our agile approach is our adoption of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) tools. This method allows us to continually publish and release the work results at the end of each sprint.

This approach promotes transparency, providing our clients with uninterrupted and unhindered insight into the development processes.

Seamless Team Member Onboarding

Many of our projects are intricate and dynamic, sometimes extending over several years. As the projects grow, due to new initiatives, or changes in team composition, we often require additional team members. Incorporating new members into ongoing projects can pose challenges for both the existing team members and the clients.

To address this, we have designed a specialized onboarding program with individual training sessions covering project management methodologies, developer tools, coding principles, architecture, technologies specific to the project, and domain knowledge.

To infuse fresh perspectives and further promote knowledge sharing, we adopt a strategic rotation approach. This means that existing team members are occasionally assigned to new challenging projects, and at the same time, new members are introduced to established projects.

This cross-pollination of ideas enriches the overall team experience and cultivates a learning and collaboration environment. We take immense pride in our work culture, which encourages professional growth and fosters a sense of belonging among our team members.

As a result, we maintain high employee satisfaction, reflected in our impressive Net Promoter Score, and welcome new talent to grow together with us.

Consistency and Evolution

After completing projects, it’s common for our clients to return, not necessarily seeking the same team, but rather valuing our consistent approach. This speaks volumes about the trust they have in us and the relationships we’ve built together.

It’s these robust alliances that allow us to elevate our services, exceed expectations, and fortify our position as a reliable partner in the industry.

With each project, we improve our service quality, performance, timeliness, and communication. We keep growing, not only in numbers but also in the quality and breadth of our services.

We believe this is the measure of true partners — putting in the time to understand the needs on a deeper level and working together to ensure mutual success.

This is the Codaxy way.

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