We’re always looking
for new talent.

You as an ideal candidate are
a thinker, tinkerer and problem solver.
Already a Codaxian, just didn’t know it yet.


Currently, we don't have any open positions.

Join the Crew

Join the Crew

Expect from us


An individual approach

Even though we've grown, we haven't lost our personal approach. The recipe is open communication, one-on-one talks and feedback - so we stay thoughtful of everyone's wishes, growth and learning opportunities.

Workshops & learning

Knowledge sharing is a key part in our learning process. Here, creative thinkers are given the environment to both learn and teach. Basically we love organizing quizzes, workshops, presentations and similar internal events.

Support in further education

If you want to learn, we want to help. So if you think a course, certificate or even a university is the way to go, chances are we have your back.

Open-source support

Good ideas can come from anywhere. In promoting creativity and innovation, we made our framework open-source as well as support other solutions.


An individual approach

We share our success and reward our employees with:

  • Competitive salaries
  • Additional pension insurance
  • End of the year bonuses
  • Bonuses for outstanding results
  • Bonuses for friend referrals

Flexible space-time

No, we’re not pioneering physics, we’re just trusting you with your schedule. You’re free to take some time-off, handle private errands, or work from home. Just remember to be responsible to your teammates.

Room of requirement

Like in Harry Potter, this room can be whatever you need it for:

  • Relax by playing games, reading a (comic) book or magazine
  • Just have some alone time
  • Hold meetings or talks
  • Hangout
  • Grab a drink or snack

Personal budget

You are provided adequate equipment on your first day. But we also set up a monthly accumulated budget for you to use within the company. You’re free to spend it on conferences, courses or hardware, should your inner geek ever hunger for more.


Gym and recreation

In all honesty, we sit a lot. That’s why we sponsor our employee’s sports and fitness memberships of their choice. Codaxians can enjoy their free time in the sports hall or working out in a gym.

Adventures and teambuilding

Several times a year, we like to go and just do fun stuff. We plan adventures together ranging from mountaineering and rafting to barbecues and relaxing by the pool.

Excuses to get together

We take cake time seriously. Besides organizing full-blown team buildings, we like marking occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or just going to lunch together.


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