Creating amazing software solutions for different industries is what we do best, but we also have a passion for innovation.

That’s why we also build our own products - some we needed for our own use, and others were inspired by our experience and designed to simplify complexities and elevate your digital experiences.



CxOrchestrator is a product suite that helps you optimize your business processes and provide digital order-to-cash experiences to your customers.

Many orchestration solutions claim to be “out-of-the-box” solutions but they often disappoint with slow performance, immature products, and high costs. CxO has a different philosophy.

We know that every business has its own unique needs and challenges. That’s why we don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we use a modular approach that allows us to quickly set up the basic framework and then customize it according to your specific requirements.

The product suite consists of several modules and adapters, and you can choose which ones you want to deploy.

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Our microservices are exposed via TMForum open APIs, but that doesn’t mean the products are only good for the telco world. CxO is a versatile solution that can handle business process orchestration for various sectors and scales well for both large service providers and smaller companies with limited infrastructure and orders per day.

The customer portal can be customized and branded to match your business identity.

Through this portal, your customers can set up their profiles and find personalized information, such as what services or products they can have based on their location, contracts, or other relevant criteria.

We then can automate the generation of customized offers for your customers based on their choices and needs. That in turn makes sure you can generate accurate proposals efficiently, getting rid of manual processes and cutting down the time-to-market (TTM) for your offerings, products, and services.

This automation will not only boosts customer satisfaction but also increase operational savings by eliminating manual intervention and minimizing errors.

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Lorino is a tool that helps you share and access company updates, news, knowledge, and resources in bite-sized posts.provide digital order-to-cash experiences to your customers.

It's basically yourlatest company news and wiki in one.

Lorino was initially created for our own use. As the company grew and we adopted a hybrid work system chats, online meets and emails just didn’t provide the level of involvement we needed.

Lorino APP UI

We were looking for a tool that would help us stayconnected, engaged, and informed, without adding unnecessary clutter or complexity.

That’s why we created Lorino — a communication hub where everyone can check in and comment on news and announcements, as well as get quick access to all the resources they need in one place — all without feeling overwhelmed.

We deliberately built itwithout push notifications, to avoid adding to the information overload.

Instead, you can keep up-to-date with everything happening in your company on your own terms.

Plus, Lorino is extremely secure -all the data is encrypted and fully owned by you, to ensure that your company’s information remains private and secure.

Our vision is that Lorino will become the center of communication at work, and help make it easiersfor everyone to stay informed, involved, and inspired- no matter where they are.

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CxReports is a versatile software tool tailored for automated PDF report generation to cater to diverse business requirements such as financials, inventory, sales, and HR.

It boasts a user-friendly WYSIWYG editor, enabling users to craft reports with elements like tables, charts, and images without advanced coding skills, requiring only basic CSS knowledge.

CxReports App UI

The software streamlines page layout management, ensuring seamless page breaks, numbering, and dynamic table of contents, while allowing for easy customization of headers and footers.

It offers flexible branding options, enabling reports to align with corporate or client-specific themes, and supports dynamic content creation through parameterization and multilingual capabilities for global accessibility. CxReports integrates with various data sources, including APIs and SQL databases, to ensure accurate data representation and supports live report previews and PDF exports.

With features catering to scheduling, such as automated email delivery, and robust integration options like single sign-on and API access, the software is designed to enhance team collaboration and security through department-specific workspaces and comprehensive roles and permissions.

Available for on-premises deployment via Docker, CxReports provides a secure and accessible solution, also offering a free version for smaller needs, with certain limitations on users, workspaces, and report numbers.

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CxJS Framework

CxJS Framework

CxJS is a powerful JavaScript framework designed to make it easier for developers to create complex, data-driven user interfaces.

With CxJS, the main idea was to make the development of complex UIs easier and faster, without having to use components from multiple sources. Unlike other frameworks, CxJS offers a comprehensive solution for all your UI needs.

CxJS framework documentation page

Out of the box, CxJS provides everything you need to build impressive UIs, such as form elements, form validation, advanced grid control, navigation elements, tooltips, overlays, charts, routing, layout support, theming support, culture-dependent formatting, and more.

Whether you are building back-office apps, accounting apps, ERP or CRM systems, cloud management consoles, crypto-currency dashboards, or stock trading interfaces, CxJS will have you covered.

CxJS is a free, open-source software and its source code is available on GitHub. We also provide active support to the community via Stackoverflow and Slack as CxJS continues to evolve with new feature releases, documentation updates, and fixes.

Choose CxJS to streamline your UI development and create stunning data-oriented applications.

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